Premium Renson Pergolas available in Manchester, Cheshire and across the north of England

If you’re looking for a luxury garden design, you need to incorporate the gorgeous modern Renson Pergolas. With endless personalisation options, easy maintenance and a super high-quality finish, these luxury aluminum pergolas are made to last, bringing a premium-feel to your outdoor space for years to come. We’re proud to be recommended partners of Renson Pergolas. 

Irresistible minimalist design

Renson aluminium pergolas or patio covers add luxury, style and additional useable space to your outdoor living space or garden. With flexible design capabilities, technical options and endless uses, you can find a Renson Pergola to suit your outdoor needs. 

With the expert advice of our team, you can explore a range of different pergolas to suit your outdoor space. Whether you’ve got your eye on a soft and neutral pergola to for a country cottage garden, or a dark sleek pergola for your modern exterior – your pergola will blend beautifully with your landscape.

Make it your own

Available in various colour combinations and with endless design and tech features, you can truly make your premium Renson Pergola your own. Add decorative frames, heating, music, glass walls, sliding panels and more. Ever-evolving, you can add features throughout your pergolas lifespan  – no need to make an immediate decision. The flexibility of the Renson Pergolas enables you to update your pergola in keeping with your changing landscape and/or use.

Versatile placements

So whether you’re hosting friends and family, want to unwind with coffee in a private courtyard area or you’d like a shaded space to house your outdoor kitchen, you can be confident that no matter your placement, your premium aluminium pergola will fulfil your needs and desires. If you’re confident you’d like to add a luxury pergola to your space, but you’re not sure what you’ll use it for yet – check out our outdoor living inspiration gallery below for some ideas. 

Unquestionable quality

When we think of luxury outdoor living, a modern feature pergola is front of mind. Whether freestanding or attached, your Renson Pergola will sit on a heavy duty but slender aluminium frame – for the ultimate sleek finish to suit your space.
Worried about maintenance? The Renson aluminium pergolas are maintenance-free and made to last a lifetime. No matter the weather or elements, your high quality pergola will stand as a feature in your home for years to come. 

Our Luxury Renson Patio Covers

Renson 'Algarve' Patio Cover

Versatile, contemporary and simply stunning – the Algarve Patio Cover by Renson offers versatility for your garden. Whether you wish to have the patio cover freestanding or you prefer it attached to the facade, your Algarve aluminium pergola can be installed to suit your needs. Available in various colour combinations and with decorative frames, create your bespoke pergola to suit you.

  • Slender support structure
  • Screws are concealed invisibly
  • Extensive range of side elements
  • Coupling up to 6m x 6m without additional column

Renson 'Camargue' Patio Cover

Sleek and stylish – the Camargue Patio Cover by Renson provides a combination of sun and shade, with it’s optional side elements integrated to suit your needs. Whether you desire sliding panels built-in to create a wall, or additional lighting for an atmospheric summer evening,  the Camargue offers the luxurious upgrades and accessories you’ll love. 

  • All accessories are beautifully integrated
  • Customised down to the last inch
  • Multi-part coupling can also be retrofitted
  • Widest range of side elements

Renson 'Camargue Skye' Patio Cover

Our most advanced Renson pergola – the Camargue Skye Patio Cover is aptly named, due to it’s glamorous fully retractable roof. Enabling you to open up the space and let in the sunshine, or close it off for a secluded and intimate environment, the Camargue Skye is the epitome of contemporary outdoor living. With built-in rotating louvers on the roof, you can adapt the pergola to suit your needs throughout the day.

  • Pergola with fully retractable roof
  • Durable rotation and sliding technology 
  • All accessories are beautifully intregrated
  • Multi-part coupling in span direction cal also be retrofitted

Explore our Renson Pergola Gallery

Renson Pergola FAQs

Using a pergola to cover your decking or patio will make your outdoor space more usable year round. A pergola can clearly define and zone an area of your garden and provide shelter from the elements. 

Ultimately, this is up to you.

But you will need to consider whether your decking or patio is large enough and if there is access to install the pergola. You’ll also want to consider privacy, impact to sunlight and impact to any plants, when deciding on where to place your pergola.

Renson Pergola’s come in dozens of different finishes to match your outdoor space! Get in touch with us to discuss all the options available.

Pergolas with louvred roofs  can be either freestanding or against an existing construction like your home. Other options available from Renson may require installing against or into an existing construction. Contact us to find out more.

A Renson Pergola with a louvred roof will not only provide sun protection but shelter from the rain too. However, you should be mindful that the open sides to the structure will let in some rain and therefore require your floors and furniture to be suitable for outdoor use. 

Absolutely! To really extend the footprint of your home you can add sides to your pergola to make the space more usable year round. 

You can choose from Loggia Sliding Panels, Windtight FixScreens and Glass Sliding Panels. 

Starting at £11,500 + VAT, contact us for a bespoke quote.

We stock all ranges of the renson pergolas, including the Renson Algarve Louvered Canopy and Renson Camargue Louvered Canopy

Features will vary depending on design and style, but some optional extras include: 

      • Glass walls
      • Exterior curtains
      • LED lighting
      • Infrared Heater and Speaker
      • Rain and/or Wind Sensors

Installation can take between one to five days, depending on the size, site access, design complexity and any additional features you would like included. We can give you a more accurate time-frame when discussing your requirements. 

Yes, absolutely! In fact – we encourage it. If increased ventilation is required you can open up the louvers of the pergola. Plus, if you have opted for sides, most are adjustable or retractable.

Yes! Just like with a BBQ, you can open up the louvers or sides if you need additional ventilation. 

Each model of Renson Pergola is bespoke, meaning we can create a pergola to fit your outdoor space perfectly. 

Simply opening up the louvers can remove any debris so we recommend you do this regularly, and if you need a little more reach then an indoor broom should do the trick. 

If you find your Renson Pergola is in need of a deep clean then hot soapy water should be enough. We also recommend glass cleaner buffs to keep the powder coated aluminium looking lovely. 

Or, skip the cleaning altogether and enquire with your regular window cleaners to see if this is something they can assist with.