Introducing Millboard Decking - Premium Composite Decking

We’re proud partners of the luxurious Millboard Composite Decking – the ultimate contemporary and aesthetic composite decking for your modern garden. Moulded from real oak, made in Britain, highly slip-resistant and made using recycled materials, the Millboard Decking collection is our first choice for renovating your garden and bringing your design to life.

Hand-moulded from oak

How does it look so much like real wood? Because to some degree, it is. Each composite decking board by Millboard is hand selected from oak, hand-moulded and then hand-coloured to provide an authentic, luxurious aesthetic – perfect for your contemporary outdoor living space. We find that this premium composite decking is a gorgeous addition to any garden designs and works in harmony with our Renson Pergolas, premium outdoor kitchens, Solus Firepits and bespoke designs. The real-timber finish of Millboard composite decking brings together a traditional look with a contemporary approach. 

Durability to last a lifetime

Millboard composite decking has many features that we love at Walker Landscape and Design. It is splinter free, rot and split resistant and low maintenance – what’s not to love! Indeed, the unique Lastane layer that tops the Millboard decking helps to make it incredibly durable, even against significant outdoor weather impact. Being solid in structure, it also does not warp or harbour any insects/pests that in the way that timber would. This makes composite decking a more durable, long-lasting option for anyone looking for luxurious garden decking. 

Like real wood, but better

Decking like no other – Millboard composite decking is incredibly unique in it’s texture. Bringing together the beauty of natural oak with the durability and performance of polyurethane, the Millboard composite decking collections are known for their strength and function, as well as their style. Topped with a Lastane surface, Millboard composite decking channels luxury for an authentic wood finish. Best of all, this grainy, oak-like texture feels like real wood beneath your feet – perfect as you wander to the poolside. And finally, the texture is naturally slip-resistant, making any poolside decking a safe solution for your home. 

Contemporary. Durable. Authentic.

Millboard Composite Decking FAQs

Due to Millboard decking being made from a composite material, it does tend to be warmer than timber when under direct sunlight – and this is more noticeable with the darker coloured composites. Caution should be taken in the heat.

Millboard is made from a resin mineral composition, meaning it is more stable when compared to timber or composites based on timber. Millboard recommends a 4mm gap between the sides of boards and 1mm gap between the ends of the boards, while a 10mm gap should be left between the boards and any solid surface to support drainage. This is all handled by our team at Walker Landscape and Design when installing your boards. 

Millboard composite decking is topped with a unique Lastane material, which is resistant to light marks such as food and drinks spills and everyday wear and tear. However, anything that is dragged across the decking can leave a dent, so be careful if you plan to move furniture. Further, sharp objects such as animal claws or metal planters can also impact the decking. 

We recommend that anything spilled on the Millboard decking is removed as soon as possible and that the decking is covered and protected if you’re having surrounded building or landscaping works completed post-installation of your Millboard decking.

When your boards are first installed, they still have a ‘release agent’ on the surface from the manufacturing process. This can result in a shiny or oily finish when brand new, however this will wear off over a 6-8 week period. 

When your boards are first installed, they have what they call a ‘release agent’ on the surface. This means that the water will form beads over the surface of the boards. This will naturally come off over a 6-8 week period based on natural weathering and usage. Once the release agent has come off, the water will dissipate across the board’s surface.


It is worth noting that composite decking will always incur a slightly increased amount of surface water, due to it being made from a non-porous composition. We recommend that surface water is removed with a brush or large squeegee, while frost and ice should be removed by spreading white salt across the boards. 

Yes, due to the texture and materials of Millboard composite decking, it has high resistance to algae growth, which means it is incredibly slip resistant. 

Great news – you can use a Solus fire pit  (or any other fire pit) on top of your Millboard decking. You will simply need to ensure the fire pit is on a porcelain or cement tile/slab. This area needs to extend roughly 1m further than the width of the fire pit to ensure that any embers or burning material do not come into contact with the boards. If embers or burning material does fall onto the boards, it will need to be immediately removed to prevent any damage or lasting marks.

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