Solus Hand-cast Firepits available in Manchester, Cheshire and across the north of England

There is nothing cosier than socialising and warming up around your contemporary, concrete Solus Firepit. Using clean burning fuels, the Solus Firepits are a modern take on the traditional wood burning firepit, adding a luxurious glow to your evening garden. Get the marshmallows ready!

Elegant. Atmospheric. Contemporary.

Instant ambience

The perfect social setting. Imagine it – sitting around the fire with a glass of wine in hand, friends dotted in different corners, chattering away and sharing nibbles with dip. Perhaps you’re also under your Renson Pergola, the perfect solution for the UK’s temperamental weather. The Solus Firepits not only brings warmth and ambience to your social occasion, but it provides a focal point for your day or night. Beautiful and practical, a Solus Firepit is a must-have addition for your outdoor living space. 

Sleek & simple

Made from gorgeous smooth polished concrete and with minimal detailing, the Solus Firepits blend perfectly with the modern outdoor living space of 2022/2023. With seven sophisticated Solus Firepit options available in ten different colours, you’ll be able to choose a sleek and simple firepit that best aligns with your style. Whether you love the idea of a Tavelo Fire Table, or perhaps the best-selling Hemi Fire Bowl – there is a slick Solus Firepit for every outdoor space. 

Built to last a lifetime

With each Solus Firepit handcasted bespoke with care, you can rest assured that the Solus Firepits are built with design and durability at front of mind. Made from fibre-reinforced concrete, non-corrosive metals (brass, aluminium and stainless steel) and high-strength plastic – the Solus Firepits are designed to be used in a variety of different weathers, only becoming more beautiful as time passes. Solus Firepits pride themselves on offering an incredible warranty on craftsmanship and performance, so you can confidently use your Solus Firepit knowing it’s in safe hands. 

Commonly Asked Questions on Solus Firepits

Absolutely! Your Solus Firepit can be used anytime over year.

At Walker Landscape & Design, we stock the complete Solus Decor Range; fire pits, fire tables, fire bowls and water features.

Fire Bowls: Hemi Fire Bowl, Halo Elevated, Original Solus Firetable, Tavolo Fire Table, Pacific Rim, Linear Fire Table. 

Water Features: Waterbox, Dome, Scupper and Scupper w/Box


Visit our showroom to see the full collection.

We highly recommend you take a visit to our showroom before purchasing a Solus Firepit. This will allow you the opportunity to see, touch and use a Solus Firepit for yourself before making a purchasing decision.

Solus Firepits are premium, luxurious firepits with a contemporary, high-quality finish – built to last a lifetime. The Solus Firepits range starts from £2000 and is limited at £8000. 

Ready to order a Solus Firepit with Walker Landscape & Design? We stock a variety of Solus Firepits from here in the UK, which have a relatively quick turnaround time. However, some of our fire-pits are ordered specially from their HQ in North America, resulting in more of a delay. Please speak to our team about your order so we can process this for your requirements. 

Yes, Solus Firepits require specialist installation – this can be provided by ourselves or by your own gas engineer. 

We recommend purchasing the Solus Firepit ‘All-Weather Cover’ to protect your Solus Firepit or Water Feature and maintain the quality of the product. This will also mean you spend less time cleaning when you come to use the Solus Firepit. 

The Solus Firepit range can be customised firstly based on colour. With 10 colours available, you can truly make the Solus Firepit your own. Colours include: Pistachio, Rose, Halva, Linen, Portobello, Nutmeg, Portland, Nori, Arbutus, Truffle, Shiitake and Cinder. All colours have been chosen to suit a variety of garden landscape designs. 

You can also purchase a Solus Firepit Hardwood Table Top – enabling you to turn the Firepit into a table when not in use. This is available for the Hemi and Firebox fire-pits. 

Similarly, you can purchase a Metal Table Top, suitable for the Hemi 36″ or Hemi 48″ fire-pits. This again enables you to use the Firepit as a table, or you can remove the centre of the Metal Table Top to create a ring top that can be used for drinks. 


Yes absolutely, Renson Pergolas are the ideal place for your Solus Firepit as you can close the louvers and get shelter from the rain while still staying outside and enjoying your evening.

No, however there are a range of accessories available should you wish to add to your firepit. For example, the All-Weather cover provides excellent protection for your Solus Firepit. To add more luxury, the stainless steel Drink Rings and Timber Table Tap are contemporary in style and make your Solus Firepit multi-functional.

The Solus Firepits are incredibly low maintenance and there is no specialist cleaning required. If the concrete gets dirty, it’s simply a case of hot soapy water.

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