Fire Magic Bespoke Built-In BBQs
available in Manchester, Cheshire and across the north of England

At Walker Landscape and Design, we absolutely love the Fire Magic Outdoor BBQs – built-in and beautifully bespoke to fit in with your garden design. A Fire Magic Outdoor Kitchen defines luxurious outdoor living. With its state-of-the-art features, superior design and finest quality heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel Fire Magic grills are the most elegant, innovative and durable grills available.

The ultimate in outdoor living

Sleek. Bespoke. Contemporary.

Perfect for entertaining

Outdoor kitchens are the must have feature for your garden or outdoor space. Outdoor entertaining, and living outdoors is now popular than it ever has been. If it’s exceptional outdoor cooking, entertaining and living you’re looking for, look no further. Fire Magic are leading the way for luxurious alfresco cooking and with their range of grills, you can turn any landscape into a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen.

State-of-the-art features

All the Fire Magic outdoor BBQs have their own premium features, enabling you to show off your culinary skills under the open skies. From the comfort touch digital thermometer, allowing you to cook different foods on different temperature zones, to the hot plates and smoke basket additions – with Fire Magic Outdoor BBQs you’re guaranteed BBQ perfection. 

Different ranges for different cooking styles

Fire Magic are the ultimate in outdoor BBQs. Starting out in America (the home of outdoor living!) Fire Magic created four different outdoor BBQ options to appeal to all different styles of cooking, to different budgets and to different flavours. From the built-in Fire Magic Echelon to the Fire Magic Countertop Grills, Fire Magic have an outdoor BBQ for everyone.

Fire Magic Features

The full Fire Magic Outdoor BBQ range has various premium features that will add luxury and flavour to outdoor living space. Not simply a shiny accessory, Fire Magic Outdoor BBQs are versatile and useful, making your BBQ experience easier, more enjoyable more impressive when hosting guests. Explore some of the Fire Magic features below.

The incredible Diamond Sear Cooking Grid – perfect for getting that restaurant-sear finish. Made from non-stick Stainless Steel, this grill provides the luxury finishing touch that will impress family and friends.

Made of attractive and heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, the Fire Magic ranges are sleek and contoured for everyday use. The easy-lift handle on the hood makes cooking in your outdoor kitchen a breeze, while the Magic View Window allows you to keep an eye on your food without lifting a finger.

The comfort-touch knobs to help you quickly and easily adjust the temperature of your cooking. The Echelon specifically features a standout digital thermometer that allows you to control and separate different zones for grilling different foods.

With additional features such as the Charcoal Smoker Basket, Stainless Steel Griddle Plate or Flavour Grids, you can try different cooking techniques and find what works best for you and your desired occasion. The Stainless Steel Griddle Plate is perfect for a Sunday BBQ brunch, while the Charcoal Smoker Basket allows you to create a standout smoky flavour.

Fire Magic Design Options

Fire Magic offer a range of American BBQ setups for your outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re in need of a freestanding luxury BBQ or a full outdoor kitchen island, or alternatively a built-in BBQ to blend in with your current set up. No matter which option you choose, Fire Magic BBQs ooze luxury and will upgrade your cooking experience to the next level. Both the Fire Magic Echelon and the Fire Magic Aurora are available in any of the three design options below. 

Built-In BBQs

Build your BBQ into the perfect surround to suit your garden space. Whether you’d like it surrounded by slick Iroko wood cladding, a white concrete modern finish or traditional red brick – make it your own with the Fire Magic Built-Ins.

Freestanding BBQs

The freestanding BBQs by Fire Magic are similar in style to a modern day freestanding BBQ, but with the touch of stainless-steel premium feel. With a Fire Magic Cart BBQ, set up your BBQ wherever feels right for you on the day.  

Outdoor Kitchen Island

Get set for your very own outdoor kitchen heaven. With the Outdoor Kitchen Island from Fire Magic – complete with a luxurious polished black lava counter and all the storage components you could think of. Available for either the Echelon or Aurora Fire Magic BBQs.

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Compare Fire Magic BBQs

The Fire Magic Echelon is available in three different design options (including Built-In, Freestanding or within an Outdoor Kitchen Island).

FireMagic Aurora

The Fire Magic Aurora is available in three different design options (including Built-In, Freestanding or within an Outdoor Kitchen Island).

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Fire Magic Outdoor BBQ FAQs

Both the Echelon Series and the Aurora Series by Fire Magic are premium and luxurious in their look and abilities. The main differences are the additional features that come with the BBQs – for example, the Echelon includes a digital thermometer rather than an analog one, as well as Heat Zone separators to allow you took foods at different temperatures. Further it includes a charcoal smoker basket. Otherwise, the grills are relatively similar with regard to features and the majority difference is design.

Echelon Built In Series:

  • Echelon 660 Built-In BBQ
  • Echelon 790 Built-In BBQ
  • Echelon 1060 Built-In BBQ

Aurora Series:

  • Aurora 430 Built-In BBQ
  • Aurora 540 Built-In BBQ
  • Aurora 660 Built-In BBQ
  • Aurora 790 Built-In BBQ

Echelon Built In Series:

  • Echelon 660 Cabinet Cart with Flush-Mounted Single Side Burner & Rotisserie
  • Echelon 790 Cabinet Cart with Double Side Burner & Rotisserie
  • Echelon 1060 Cabinet Cart with Single Side Burner & Rotisserie

Aurora Series:

  • Aurora 430 Cart with Single Side Burner and Rotisserie Backburner
  • Aurora 540 Cart with Single Side Burner and Rotisserie Backburner
  • Aurora 660 Cart with Single Side Burner and Rotisserie Backburner

Echelon Built In Series:

  • Echelon 660 with the L-Shaped Reclaimed Wood Island
  • Echelon 660 with the Contemporary Shaped Reclaimed Wood Island
  • Echelon 790 with the GRFC Island System 

Aurora Series:

  • Aurora 660 with the L-Shaped Reclaimed Wood Island
  • Aurora 660 with the Contemporary Shaped Reclaimed Wood Island
  • Aurora 790 with the GFRC Island System

All Built-In or Outdoor Kitchen Fire Magic systems offer the ability to add cabinets (single door, double door), pantry doors, drawers, trays and side burners. At Walker Landscape & Design, we’ll help you build the perfect Fire Magic system for your outdoor space. 

We recommend you read our blog ‘Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Checklist‘ to review all the elements required in an outdoor kitchen. However, this is a general overview and we recommend a bespoke free design consultation to help you better understand how to utilise your budget and space. Do you need an extra cupboard? Is the magic view window appealing? Does your cooking style call for various heat zones? These are just some of the questions you’d need to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen. 

Fire Magic is a premium outdoor cooking experience and fits in perfectly with a beautifully constructed outdoor living space. A Fire Magic outdoor kitchen typically starts at £4000 and can range up to £12000 when considering installation. Note that the Fire Magic range comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Yes. At Walker Landscape & Design we’re proud to offer both the DeliVita Pizza Ovens and the Alfa Pizza Ovens, so you can choose a pizza oven that best suits your space, use & requirements. 

Get in touch with the team at Walker Landscape & Design. Visit the showroom and have your bespoke consultation. Pay for your outdoor kitchen and have your installation date confirmed. Once installed you can begin cooking!