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Award-winning wood-fired pizza ovens handcrafted in the UK

Nothing says party like pizza. The incredible DeliVita Pizza Ovens add life and soul (and melted cheese) to your sociable outdoor living experience. Whether you’re a classic Pepperoni or a Margherita through and through, the DeliVita Pizza Ovens will authentically cook your pizza to perfection. 

Remarkably versatile

We know what you’re thinking – how can a pizza oven be versatile? Well the DeliVita wood-fired pizza oven is just that. It’s adjustability starts with the fact it is portable. Weighing under 30kg, usable on any stable surface and reaching temperatures of 550oC, the DeliVita wood-fired pizza oven can be used all year round, wherever, whenever. So whether you want to take it to a family friends, on a Staycation or you simply want the benefit of moving it around your garden dependent on your mood, the DeliVita pizza oven’s versatility is one of our favourite features.

For pizza and more

When you buy your luxurious DeliVita Pizza Oven you’ll open the door to a whole new world of cooking opportunities – not just pizza! The handcrafted British outdoor ovens are also amazing at creating unique flavours for meat, fish and vegetables. So no matter your mood, you’ll guaranteed to enjoy the food. We’ve seen the DeliVita be used for skewers, burgers, pigs in blankets and more. What will you be making in your DeliVita? 

Forward-thinking design

Slick and stylish, the DeliVita pizza ovens ooze sophistication. The standout design not only looks good on the eye, but it is built to be eco-friendly too. Using less wood than you standard pizza oven, the DeliVita range retain heat and promote an even heat distribution to allow you to enjoy pizza perfection. 

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Explore our range of DeliVita Pizza Ovens and DeliVita Pizza Bundles at Walker Landscape and Design. With a stylish design and eco-friendly build, the DeliVita pizza oven is the perfect versatile addition to your outdoor living space. Now the main question is – which colour and bundle will you choose?

The Deluxe Complete Bundle

Save £230 with The Deluxe Complete Bundle. Handmade in Yorkshire,…

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The Pizzaolo Bundle

Save £171 with The Pizzaolo Bundle. Handmade in Yorkshire, Britain,…


The Wood-Fired Bundle

Save £174 with The Wood-Fired Bundle. Handmade in Yorkshire, Britain,…


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DeliVita Pizza Oven FAQs

Absolutely! Your DeliVita pizza oven can be used whatever the weather.

We recommend the below list of accessories as a starting point to make cooking a fun and easy experience. Our Delivita Pizza Oven Bundles are a great option for starting out.

  • Pizza Peel (to get the pizzas/food in/out of the oven). 
  • Pizza Cutter (essential for cutting pizza). 
  • The Axe (useful for cutting kindling). 
  • All Weather Cover (essential if you leave your oven out all year round and to keep it dry in the rain). 
  • Oven Brush (a useful tool to help you position the logs and to keep the oven floor clean).
Your DeliVita pizza oven will be still great to use, however we recommend you light and manage a small fire to warm the oven slower than normal prior to cooking.

Depending on the temperature of the oven, your pizza will take 60-90 seconds to cook. 

We recommend turning the pizza away from the flames every 10-12 seconds. This should mean there is a full rotation of the pizza while cooking. Further, cleaning your oven with the DeliVita steel brush after use will ensure your next pizza does not burn around the base. 

Pizza burning on the base? Here are two reasons why it could be happening (and how to stop it):

  • The oven is too hot; don’t use more than 3 logs of 8-10cm wide and 22-26cm.
  • There may be surplus flour/semolina remains on the oven floor. Scrub the oven floor with the steel brush to remove the surplus flour.

Make sure you’re following cooking best practices with the below guidelines.

  • Use flour: Sprinkle flour onto your DeliVita pizza peel and make sure your preparation area is floured well.
  • Toppings: Letting your pizza sit with it’s topping on the dough before cooking could make the dough sticky. Add your toppings and cook immediately.
  • Thickness of the base: Ensure there are no thin spots or holes in your pizza base as this can allow to moisture into the dough which again will result in sticking. 

Yes! Versatility is one of the best things about the DeliVita pizza ovens. However, please make sure that any meat, fish or any dish that produces fat/liquid while cooking is placed in a container to avoid the fat/liquid leaking onto the oven floor. 


The DeliVita pizza oven is portable and can be used on any hard and flat surface, as long as it is not made from plastic or glass.


The DeliVita pizza oven weighs 30kg. They have handles either side to help with manoeuvrability, and we recommend it is moved by two people, one at either side. 


DeliVita ovens are local and are made in Yorkshire.


No, the DeliVita pizza ovens are for outdoor use only. This is to allow for the smoke and fumes to escape properly. 

This is likely to do with the hardwood – ensure you are using the correct properly seasoned hardwood, ideally with a moisture content of less than 15%.