Premium Italian Alfa Pizza Ovens available in Manchester, Cheshire and across the north of England

Bring the taste of Italy to your home with the Italian-made Alfa Pizza Ovens. Made just outside of Rome, the Alfa Pizza Ovens can be used indoor or outdoor and have been specifically built to make your cooking experience luxurious. Whether you’re roasting, stewing, baking or grilling, the Alfa Pizza Ovens will add flavour and style to your garden, villa – or wherever you like. Shop 

Designed for Performance. Made in Italy.

Innovation that inspires

There is something special about sitting around the warmth of a pizza oven with friends, waiting for the aromas to turn into flavours on your palette. But note, you really won’t be waiting long. The Alfa Pizza ovens use next-generation Forninox Technology to rapidly heat up to 500°c, cooking your pizza to perfection in under 5 minutes.

Design-first build

Not only sleek and sophisticated – ‘the real deal‘ – the Alfa Pizza Ovens are built with design at heart. While the floor of the oven is made of refractory material, the dome is made of steel and clay – the perfect combination of tradition and technology. The collection includes wood-fired ovens, gas ovens or hybrids and can be bought in a range of sizes to suit use – whether indoor, outdoor, residential or commercial. Alfa Pizza Ovens have a design for everyone and every need. 

Outdoor cooking freedom

With the Alfa Pizza Oven, you’ll have complete outdoor cooking freedom, having the ability to bake, roast, grill or stew a wide range of dishes. No, you won’t be eating pizza forever! Try meat, fish, enchiladas, pasta, pie and more in your all-purpose outdoor pizza oven by Alfa.

Alfa Pizza Oven FAQs

Yes, actually it is encouraged! Your Alfa pizza oven can be used year round, whatever the weather.

Depending on the model of Alfa pizza oven you opt for, your pizza oven can heat up in as little as 5 minutes, and cook a pizza in around 60 seconds. 

We recommend turning the pizza away from the flames every 10-12 seconds. This should mean there is a full rotation of the pizza while cooking. 

If the base is burning, ensure there is no excessive amounts of flour on the base and that the Alfa pizza oven is brushed between uses. 

Absolutely! You can use your Alfa pizza oven to cook anything from meat and fish, to bread and delicious pies.


Alfa have created a multifunctional base to place your pizza oven on, available in a variety of sizes to suit your pizza oven and space available. Alternatively, your Alfa pizza oven can be placed on most surfaces, we can guide you on this! 


Alfa is an Italian brand based just outside of Rome for a truly authentic experience. 


Yes! Speak to our team to discuss the models suitable for indoor use.

Regularly cleaning your Alfa pizza oven is recommended to ensure safety and tasty results! Between uses scrub the oven floor with a brush to remove debris, and occasionally when the oven is cool give it a deeper clean with a damp cloth. Wood-burning ovens will also require regular removal of ashes. 

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Practicality. Performance. And of course, taste.

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