Your Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Checklist

When it comes to designing your perfect outdoor kitchen, your two main considerations are going to be your available space and budget. In order to not exceed your space or budget, you will need to be smart with your selection of appliances and accessories.

To help you achieve outdoor kitchen perfection, we have created the ultimate checklist for your outdoor kitchen, to get you started on designing your dream space.

An outdoor kitchen is a modern and luxury addition to your garden design

1. Start with the BBQ

The main event of any outdoor kitchen has to be the BBQ. But with four Grillo choices at Walker Landscape and Design, as well as the Fire Magic range, you might be wondering – which outdoor kitchen BBQ is the right fit for you? 

Vantage Gas BBQ Station – Perhaps the most convenient option. With one turn of a dial you have lit your BBQ and it will be hot enough to cook within 10 minutes. As each burner is individually controlled it is a versatile piece of equipment suitable for searing steaks through to slow roasting. 

Charcoal Kamado BBQ – With thick ceramic walls, this BBQ retains heat to a steady temperature and locks in the smoke and moisture to produce tender and succulent results. This is the BBQ for you if you’re after that authentic charcoal smoke flavour. 

Voltiq Electric BBQ – A great alternative to gas or charcoal BBQ, for those with an enclosed space or other area where a naked flame is unsafe, such as roof-terraces. When powered from electricity sourced from renewable methods, this is also This BBQ is also super convenient, just plug in and go! 

Chefs Anvil BBQ – This BBQ is all about theatre and inviting your guests to be part of the cooking experience with you. 45 minutes after building a fire, you will have coals ready to heat a steal hotplate perfect for cooking traditional BBQ foods, as well as a Churrasco Skewer for gaucho style cooking. This BBQ is so versatile it can also be used as a fire pit, ideal for toasting marshmallows. 

2. Keep it tidy with essential storage

While the BBQ grill will be the star of the show, there are many other appliances you can include in your outdoor kitchen to help you achieve the ultimate outdoor dining experience. 

From sinks and fridges, to storage cupboards and a bar, your outdoor kitchen can really be the focal point of your outdoor space. When designing your outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to factor in preparation space to find the perfect balance to ensure you are not overcrowding your appliances, but also not exceeding your available space.

Check out our website for the huge selection of outdoor kitchen components and Grillo pre-designed layouts. 

3. Transform your space with furniture

Choosing the right garden furniture can really transform your space. You will need to think about how you will utilise this furniture before investing to make sure you create the perfect outdoor space. If you are more likely to relax and read a book then we recommend opting for a lounge dining set, which gives you the versatility of a sofa to chill-out on but a dining table to host your next BBQ. 

But, if you are constantly hosting BBQ’s and alfresco meals for your extended family, then a more traditional dining table and chair set may be more practical for your home. We stock Desser outdoor furniture which come in a range of styles and layouts perfect for optimising your space. 

4. Make it cosy with a fire pit

Fire pits are a wonderful addition to your outdoor kitchen. A fire put creates a beautiful focal point to your outdoor space, and are also incredibly practical for not only keeping you warm but keeping bugs away.

We stock Solus fire pits which are hand-cast in concrete and available in a variant of shapes, fuel types and ignition options. Solus fire pits are not only beautiful with their contemporary designs but functional and durable, built to last a lifetime.

5. Add atmosphere with an outdoor TV

If your space and budget allows, an outdoor TV can add a lot of atmosphere to your outdoor space. There are so many uses from watching sport with your friends, a cosy night ‘out’ with your partner watching a movie, or entertaining the kids while getting some much needed fresh air. However, with the unpredictable British weather, it is important to invest in a purpose built outdoor TV. 

Proofvision TV’s are weatherproof with an anti-reflective screen, ideal for your outdoor kitchen. We can help you incorporate a Proofvision TV into your design so you can enjoy a summer of entertaining. 

Proofvision outdoor TV adds atmosphere and usability to your outdoor space

6. Low-maintenance composite decking

Resistant to moisture and weathering, composite decking is growing in popularity as the best alternative to traditional wooden decking. Luxurious and low-maintenance, it’s a no-brainer if you can add this decking type to your outdoor kitchen checklist.

We always recommend Millboard, and luckily enough we are a stockist as you cannot buy direct. Millboard composite decking will not deteriorate like natural wood and has a slip-resistance surface even when wet. While it contains no natural timber, it is hand-moulded from the finest pieces of oak to mimic natural timber grain with great realism. 

Millboard decking adds a sense of luxury to your low-maintenance space

7. Give yourself options with a pizza oven

Not feeling the BBQ tonight? Whatever your reasons, having a wood-fired pizza oven is a luxurious little addition that gives you different options for dinner in your outdoor space. 

British brand DeliVita have created an affordable yet stylish wood-fired pizza oven that we just love. Boasting the ability to cook a pizza in 90 seconds, but also able to cook flatbreads, fish, meats and vegetables. Made of fibre glass and stainless steel with a traditional clay interior, these pizza ovens are a fantastic addition to your outdoor kitchen.  

8. Add a pergola for ultimate luxury

To elevate your garden design you can’t go wrong with a modern Renson Pergola. You can add a touch of effortless luxury to your garden as these aluminium pergolas are not only built to a high standard but are easy to maintain. We’re proud to be recommended partners of Renson Pergolas.

Pergolas add a sense of luxury and privacy

9. The right paving is essential

Of course, we can’t ignore the impact of paving. You can have all the luxurious appliances, storage and furniture – but the wrong choice of pavement can potentially change the feel of the space, or even make it feel incomplete.

From granite to concrete, there are countless options when it comes to garden paving. Choosing the right stone and colour can add warmth and style to your outdoor kitchen. We are an approved contractor for Marshalls who have an extensive range of garden paving and patio slabs. 

Renson Pergolas Algarve

10. Add vibrance with plants and pots

Outdoor kitchens can look a little sparse without the greenery to bring life to your design. Whether you use them to divide your space and create sections, or to simply decorate – plants are essential to work into your garden design.

Potted plants are a versatile option for upgrading your outdoor kitchen. Adding vibrance, colour and fragrance you could also add potted herbs to your patio to use when cooking alfresco. We recommend Okells family run garden centre outside Chester and Barcham for good quality trees. 

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