Which solus firepit is right for you?

Which Solus Firepit Is Perfect for You?

How to Choose the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Home

So you’ve decided your garden is missing the atmosphere of a chic contemporary fire pit – excellent idea! Fire pits make your outdoor space more usable, more versatile and bring life and warmth to your garden over the cooler months. 

Based in Vancouver, Solus Firepits design and produce modern concrete fire pits for your garden – for poolside, patio or under your pergola. With design and architectural beauty at the forefront, these products are also built to last a lifetime. They have a vast range of different designs, sizes and options to ensure they have the right product for your needs – the hardest part is picking your favourite! 

So if you’re not sure where to start, keep reading – we’ll round up our favourite features of each of the fire pits, providing a comparison to help you better make your decision. 

Modern concrete firepits | Solus Firepits at Walker Landscape and Design

The one for the versatile home

The Solus Hemi Fire Bowl is more than just a fire pit – it is a beautiful focal point even when not in use. With the largest size standing 16.5 inches tall, the Hemi Fire Bowl is guaranteed to stand out and create a cosy and atmospheric gathering place in your outdoor living space. 

One huge favourite feature of the Solus Hemi Fire Bowl is the ability to add a custom hardwood table top or metal top, making this contemporary fire pit a versatile option to use as a drinks or coffee table when the fire is not in use. This means your modern fire pit serves purpose all year round, even during the warm summer months when a fire might not be needed. 

Available in 3 sizes (26, 36 or 48 inches), this versatile fire pit is guaranteed to suit your outdoor space. You have the choice of natural gas or bio fuel burner, and manual lit or electronic ignition. The Solus Hemi Fire Bowl is available in 12 stunning concrete colours and you can add a tabletop to the fire pit to further utilise this space. There is also the option to add a protective glass shield. 

The one for the minimalist home

The Halo Elevated fire pit is the best of both worlds, combining a warming fire with the ‘coffee table’ space for drinks and nibbles. A modern tabletop in a polished concrete finish, this contemporary fire pit sits upon a box base giving a very sleek and minimalist appearance. 

Square in design, you can place the Halo elevated fire pit in the centre of your outdoor space, surrounding with garden furniture for an atmospheric social experience.

With two size options available, the Halo Elevated fire pit is also perfect for those smaller spaces, or for minimalist homes looking to maintain a lot of space around the pit. Choose the size that suits you best! 

Available in 2 sizes (36 or 48 inches) with the choice of 10 colours. The Halo Elevated is available in natural gas, liquid propane or ethanol. You also have the option between Manual, Electronic or Adjustable Electronic starts. 

The one for the commercial space

The Solus Firetable is a simple yet stylish rectangle design that would perfectly suit a commercial space, but could also blend well in a traditional home. With softer edges than the Halo Elevated Firepit, the Solus Firetable is more of a classic, rustic design. Standing 46cm tall, this table makes the perfect gathering place for your sundowner drinks or evening snack. 

Due to it’s elongated shape, the Solus Firetable can either be used standalone or placed end-to-end to create a wall of dramatic warmth and light. 

Available in just one size, this fire pit by Solus needs to a more generous amount of space. This Firetable is available in a choice of 10 colours, manual or adjustable electronic starts and 3 fuel options: natural gas, liquid propane and ethanol. 

Contemporary fire pit table for drinks by Solus | Walker Landscape and Design

The one for parents

The Solus Tavolo fire pit was designed for clients who were requesting a fire pit with a large table incorporated. The table measures 68×34 inches and stands 20.25 inches tall making it the perfect space to enjoy a meal with friends and keep warm. Unlike other fire pits by Solus, the tabletop has been designed to remain cool to the touch even when the fire is lit, making it the perfect addition to a family home or if children are present. 

With a sleek matte finish and an off-centre design, this contemporary fire pit is ideal for any family home that have styled their outdoor living space in a chic, modern fashion.

The Solus Tavolo fire pit comes with the choice of 10 colours and 3 fuel options: natural gas, liquid propane and ethanol and manual, electronic or adjustable electronic starts. 

The one for the classic garden

The Solus Pacific Rim fire pit is a stunning contemporary fire pit combined water feature – the perfect addition to a classic garden. Why buy a water feature AND. a fire pit when you can have both in one?!

When the fire pit is not in use, the Pacific Rim can be used as a modern water feature that is controlled by remote. When the sun goes down, turn on the fire to watch the flames flicker in the reflections of the water. 

A beautiful multi-use fire pit, the Solus Pacific Rim fire pit is also finished a sleek grey concrete design similar to the Solus Halo fire pit, making it an obvious choice for those looking to bring a modern feel to their classic garden. Surround it with your favourite plants and flowers for an atmospheric feel both day and night. 

Available in 12 colours and 2 fuel options: natural gas and liquid propane. 

Which solus firepit is right for you?

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For more information on the Solus fire pits head to the FAQ on our website. 

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