Say Hello to EO 

We are pleased to announce we are now proud partners of the British designed EO Kitchens range. EO create stylish and functional modular outdoor kitchens, using only the best materials to create elegant and sustainable solutions to your outdoor kitchen needs. 

We know that EO Kitchen ranges will be the perfect fit for our customers in Cheshire and the surrounding area, but read on if you would like to know more about EO Kitchens. 

Made for the Modern British Garden

Designed and made in Britain, this stylish range of outdoor kitchens is destined for your garden and Is sure to blend in seamlessly with your home. Led by design, this fantastic range of outdoor kitchens is designed by award-winning designer Steve Esdaile. Inspired by bespoke commissions, EO have created a range of modular units to make stylish and trendy outdoor kitchens more attainable. 

Created using functional and beautiful materials, the EO Kitchens range is perfectly suited for British gardens. The UK made millboards on the frontals are resistant to staining from food and drink, as well as resistant to weathering, algae and will not rot or warp like wood. With EO kitchens you have the choice of six Millboard finishes, to compliment your home. 

EO outdoor kitchen
Stunning EO Kitchen range | Image: EO

Focusing on Sustainability

Made exclusively in the UK from British materials, EO Kitchens are already a more sustainable choice than competing brands from abroad. EO have chosen their materials to ensure a quality product that will last a lifetime, preventing the need for regular replacements and therefore being even more sustainable. 

The Millboard used on the frontals is weather resistant as we discussed above, ensuring longevity for your outdoor kitchen. Additionally, Millboard boast a low carbon footprint and the products used by EO hold a Verified Carbon Footprint Assurance Mark.

The Dekton worktops on an EO Kitchen are genuine Dekton and not a cheaper imitation. Dekton is a ceramic porcelain that is not only visually stunning, but it is hygienic, acid-proof and resistant to staining, scratching and abrasions. Dekton is a carbon neutral product across its lifecycle. This worktop is perfectly suited for both outdoor use and food preparation, making it the best choice for your outdoor kitchen and the durability will further guarantee the extended lifetime of your outdoor kitchen. 

Luxury Outdoor Kitchens by EO
Compact Modular Outdoor Kitchen by EO | Image: EO

Modular to Make It Your Own

EO Kitchens are a modular solution for outdoor kitchens, ensuring value for money by allowing customers to configure the units to suit their requirements and preferences. The modules bolt together for an easy and efficient installation that can be taken with you should you move home. 

EO Kitchen ranges come in a choice of two Dekton worktops – a darker stone or lighter marble option. Both options are muted and neutral, which would suit any garden theme and style. When combined with the six Millboard finishes, there are ample personalisation options to ensure your outdoor kitchen reflects your unique sense of style. 

Come and see our fantastic new range of EO Kitchen modules by visiting our showroom, or to discuss your outdoor kitchen requirements in depth then we recommend you head to our website to arrange a bespoke consultation.