Extending the livable space of the home outdoors

When people want space to enjoy at home, their first thoughts are often to go or to go out. What we’re starting to see now though is a trend to extend the living space outside and create a seamless flow between indoors and out. That was the focus of this design, maximising the usable space outside in a way which complemented the existing living space.

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Find out more about this design brought much needed synergy between the existing home and new outdoor space.

A continuous look

The large, Marshalls porcelain patio was chosen to match the internal flooring, helping to connect the two areas. Positioned just off the large, open plan living area, it serves as the perfect space to catch the last of the sun and entertain guests. The porcelain tiles, which replicate polished concrete are incredibly popular at the moment, with the colour providing a striking look which works perfectly with the planting scheme.

Retaining style

To house the planting scheme and account for a split level against the neighbouring garden, this project required a retaining wall. One of our specialities is spotting an opportunity in the design phase to take a practical element and turn it into a feature, and that's exactly what we did here. We clad the retaining wall in the same Marshalls porcelain tiles as the patio for a cohesive look.

Sympathetic planting scheme

In addition to the patio, this project included a significant new planting scheme. Like many gardens, it had been added to bit by bit, losing all sense of coordination with the area the plants lived. We love the contrast that naturalist planting schemes, mainly tall grasses, bring to this style of porcelain paving so used a large amount of bamboo, with iris and agapanthus included throughout the garden.


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