Serious style as a serious solution

Our main goal when designing a new outdoor space for a client is to come up with stylising solutions to very practical problems. In this case, the clients struggle to truly relax in their outdoor space due to the noisy main road close to the house. That’s where the stunning water features came in. While incredibly stylish, they also help reduce the road noise, especially as we added extra depth between the blade and body of water.

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A crowning feature

A real highlight of the design, the water features add some serious wow factor to any garden space. The blade water features, built integral to the wall, were fully plumbed and connected to mains electricity. Rendered on the rear, the front is made up of stone face veneer tiles from Marshalls. While they’re extremely high spec, they’re also very easy to control, with the clients being able to turn them on and off with a remote control.

Special seating area

The style focused approach continues through the outdoor entertaining area with this bespoke L-shaped seating area. The seats are made up of durable, long-lasting and slip free composite decking and the large wall backdrop is rendered white to maintain the look of the rest of the area. A carefully placed viewing port offers a glimpse of the Cheshire countryside behind it. The other side of the space see’s a large porcelain worktop and BBQ area, perfect for outdoor hosting.


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