How to Add Value to Your Home in 2023

Whether you are looking to move regardless of the turbulent market, want to make the most of your house or you are getting your home prepared ready for the market to stabilise, now is a fantastic time to invest in your home.

When you consider home improvements to increase the value of your property, you often think of projects inside the home, such as kitchen or bathroom renovations. However, garden landscaping has been found to increase the value of your home by up to 77%, according to the Post Office Money Study.

To inspire you to indulge in your outdoor space, we have gathered 5 ways to add value to your home in 2023.

Focus on Garden Landscaping

Whether you are appealing to the couple who like to entertain, or the family wanting to spend more time outdoors, investing in garden landscaping is the best way to add value to your home. Premium products will create a feeling of grandeur to your outdoor space and at Walker Landscape and Design we only partner with the best suppliers.

Creating zones within your garden is a superb way to appeal to a broad range of buyers. Flooring is one way to create these zones within your garden, for a luxury finish we like to mix between quality Marshall’s paving and premium Millboard composite decking.

At least one of these zones that you introduce to your garden will be for entertaining, when designing these consider what areas of your garden are best suited for these, accounting for the sun, privacy and proximity – the quiet furthest corner of your garden might be better suited for a chill-out area as opposed to repeatedly walking the distance with all of your barbecue food.

How to add value to your home
Hale project by Walker Landscape and Design.

Increased Privacy

A quality and secure garden fence or wall will ensure privacy and maximum value for your property, but a fence isn’t the only way to add privacy to your outdoor space. A Renson pergola is a wonderful way to add privacy and interest to your garden. Renson pergolas are a stunning and contemporary addition to any home, allowing you to enjoy your garden regardless of the weather making them a no brainer for adding value to your home.

These luxury aluminium pergolas are easy to maintain and offer personalisation options and finishes to compliment your home. Plus, they come with a wide selection of optional extras to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your pergola, including sliding glass side panels or speakers and heating. A pergola that can be used year round is perfect as it will be seen as an extension of the properties living space and therefore will increase the value of your home to future buyers.

How to add value to your home
Walker Landscape and Design install Renson pergola at Tatton Flower Show.

Create a Multipurpose Garden Room

Another superb way to add value to your home is to create a multi-functional garden room, providing additional space for yourselves and future buyers. A garden room is a great addition to your home and can provide an area for relaxing, home-working, or even a gym.

Increasing numbers of people are remote working or setting up their own businesses from home, so this additional space that is separated from the main home will be invaluable to many buyers looking at your home. All our garden rooms are built bespoke to your requirements and can include all the ‘home comforts’ of your main home, including lighting and heating. The personalisation options are endless, so you utilise this additional square footage for whatever suits your needs, from pilates studio to your very own ‘pub’.

How to add value to your home
Bespoke garden room by Walker Landscape and Design.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

If a modern and spacious indoor kitchen can add instant value to your home, then imagine how much buyers will love a contemporary and stylish outdoor kitchen! Although wanted by many, outdoor kitchens are still not very common place in the UK and this will ensure your home stands out amongst the crowd of properties on the market.

Aside from adding value to your home, an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful feature for you and your family to enjoy. With a Fire Magic kitchen, you can design a bespoke kitchen to the millimetre for a premium perfect fit, suited to your home as they are finished in a variety of textures from brick to timber.

To elevate your outdoor kitchen even further, consider adding an Alfa pizza oven to guarantee the best entertaining space – for you or your future buyers. Alfa pizza ovens are made in Italy from premium materials, ideal for a luxury high value home.

How to add value to your home
Outdoor kitchen at Tatton Flower Show by Walker Landscape and Design.

The Finishing Touches to your Garden

Although the finishing touches such as furniture and decor can be removed and taken with you when you move house, these are essential to making the most of your outdoor space prior to your move. Additionally, it is important to present your home (indoors and outdoors) in the best possible way to prospective buyers.

Investing in quality outdoor furniture that can follow you from property to property will prove to be an invaluable when you are not required to regularly replace your garden furniture. 

Another stylish but functional addition to your outdoor living space is a Solus fire pit. When entertaining, a Solus fire pit creates warmth and a fantastic gathering place, but when seen by prospectus buyers they can also add elegance and an excitement to your outdoor space, increasing the value in the buyers eyes. Check out our blog on the varying fire pits available if you are unsure which Solus fire pit is right for you.

How to add value to your home
Walker Landscape and Design HQ featuring Solus Fire Pit

Whether you have a blank canvas to totally transform, or you are looking to make some additions to your outdoor space, investing in garden landscaping will prove invaluable when you come to sell your home. Book a visit to our showroom, or contact us to start discussing your garden transformation.

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