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Grillo vs. Fire Magic – Which is right for you?

Autumn is here and you’ve probably resigned yourself to the fact that summer BBQ’s are almost over. So why are we telling you about our range of BBQ’s? Well now is the best time to think about upgrading your garden!

Utilise the fact that you are no longer using your outdoor space and don’t mind a little bit of garden renovation! Let us work in the cold damp weather and get your garden ready for the best outdoor living experience for spring 2023.

But before you get comfortable watching us get to work in your garden, you’ll need to ask yourself which BBQ from our fantastic options do you want to get?

We offer grills from 2 brands: Grillo and Fire Magic. Both brands are exceptional, but the right grill for you will come down to your specific requirements. Here we will give you the full run down.

Image: Grillo Outdoor Kitchen | Source: Grillo

Why buy a Grillo kitchen?

Grillo is undoubtedly the most convenient option. A Grillo Vantage Kitchen is made up of modular units measuring 1200x600cm and 600x600cm. These units can be placed in a variety of layouts which you can move, rearrange or even move house with you. Due to the modular design, a Grillo kitchen can be installed in as little as a day.

Although not fully customisable, there are a huge number of options when it comes to configuring your Grillo Vantage kitchen. From a DeliVita Pizza Oven to ice wells, planters and you can even incorporate Millboard composite for an attractive feature wall. With the Grillo Vantage we can design you a stylish and practical outdoor kitchen perfect for hosting, with ease.

This convenience is only possible due to Grillo’s immaculate design. Grillo kitchens are only available in one style: contemporary units made from sleek black powder coated carbon steel, with grey porcelain work tops and a premium Iroko hardwood. Perfect if you’re after the modern contemporary finish, with a straight-forward installation process.


Image: Fire Magic Grill | Source: Fire Magic

Why buy a Fire Magic kitchen?

Fire Magic kitchens are completely bespoke down to the millimetre. Fire Magic can have several finishes to perfectly compliment your space; brick, tile, render, timber or composite and all components are completely customisable to your preferences. A Fire Magic kitchen can be a modern design or something more traditional –  you are able to design it to perfectly match your home and outdoor space.


Layout your Fire Magic grill in any way you desire – opt for a built-in grill surrounded by a contemporary concrete unit or why not make a feature of your grill by designing an outdoor kitchen island? With the incredible features on a Fire Magic grill, you’re sure to impress your friends. From the perfect BBQ brunch on the Stainless Steel Griddle Plate to a show stopping BBQ full of smoky flavour cooked on the Charcoal Smoker Basket, you’ll never want to cook inside again! A fantastic addition to this would be a traditional Alfa pizza oven.


However, due to the customisation options with Fire Magic, construction is a little more complex. The labour intensive installation is likely to take several days or weeks depending on the design. Additionally, although the items from the Fire Magic range are technically removable, you would be left with the more permanent structures in your outdoor space, which might not be the best option if you were considering moving home.

Grillo vs Fire Magic graphic

Which choice is better value for money?

Now, this is a hard question to answer.

Grillo kitchens are at a more affordable price point and can be moved between properties and added to over time, while a Fire Magic kitchen comes with a lifetime guarantee, is a luxury grill and a bespoke process from start to finish. Ultimately, it will come down to which option best suits your individual requirements.

We recommend that you visit our showroom to see both Grillo and Fire Magic kitchens in action, and if you need further guidance we would love to hear from you to arrange a bespoke consultation.

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