Why hire a landscape gardener for your home?

A landscape designer is essential to any sustainable, well-composed, functioning garden. Imagine being able to walk out into your garden and being welcomed by a pleasing garden layout, thriving plants that need little maintenance and the comfort of knowing that your garden will keep growing for years to come

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For over a decade, Walker Landscape & Design has been creating sustainable outdoor places for relaxation, rejuvenation and recreation. Everybody deserves an oasis to experience nature’s beauty — and we can help bring yours to life. We design gardens that are lush, modern, artistic, sustainable – and sometimes edible. Our goal is for you to spend more time outdoors.

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First time you have thought about hiring a landscape designer?

If this is your first time working with a landscape designer, don’t be intimidated! Whether you’re a novice or a green thumb, whether you want to create something new or revitalise the space you already have, you’ll appreciate our friendly, professional approach. And you’ll love the results.

The WLD process

Clients that value well-planned design will note that this is our forte- the bones and hardscape of the garden. In the reconfiguration of the garden, we combine our understanding of what well-designed hardscape can do for the space visually and functionally and we emphasise materials that make your space feel cohesive. The most successful collaborations are when the client and the team have a compatible aesthetic.

The process begins with an initial consultation to discuss the scope of the project and preliminary ideas, followed by an estimate of the time needed to complete the design plan. Through sketching and photos, we come up with a feeling and look for your space and draft the garden design. Once the concept is completed, we finish the details of materials and scope of work for installation estimates.

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