DeliVita vs. Alfa Pizza Ovens – What Are The Key Differences?

At Walker Landscape and Design, we adore pizza! So much so, that we couldn’t restrict ourselves to just one range of outdoor kitchen pizza ovens

By offering DeliVita and Alfa pizza ovens we are giving our customers the choice to make their outdoor kitchen bespoke to their requirements. Both ranges offer delicious homemade pizza straight from your garden (which is what matters most!) but some of the finer details will have you unsure which brand to choose. So to help you decide which home pizza oven to go with, we have outlined the key differences. 

Alfa Brio Pizza Oven in Berry
Alfa Brio Pizza Oven | Image: Alfa


A DeliVita pizza oven is a small, stylish and compact pizza oven handmade in Yorkshire, with a choice of two models. The DeliVita Wood-fired Pizza Oven is a tabletop portable design which is available in 8 colours, whereas the duel-fuel Pro model is a slightly larger model available in 4 colours. 

The DeliVita Wood-fired Pizza Oven weighs just 30kg and does not require a chimney like the Alfa pizza ovens, making Delivita a fantastic choice if portability is a feature you are looking for. The eco-friendly design encourages an even heat distribution for a perfect cook, and as the DeliVita is so good at retaining heat it is the perfect energy efficient choice. 

Alfa pizza ovens are made in Rome, Italy and offer a range of 5 different models and sizes to suit your requirements. Generally, Alfa pizza ovens are bigger than DeliVita, but it will come down to which design of Alfa you are opting for. The colour options with Alfa are more limited than DeliVita and will vary depending on the model. For example, the Alfa Allegro is available in ‘Antique Red’ or ‘Yellow’, and the 5 Minuti is available in ‘Copper’ only. 

The newest model to Alfa is the Moderno Portable, a stylish red pizza oven weighing just 35kg. However, just like all the other home pizza ovensin the Alfa range, it does still have a chimney making it slightly less portable or perhaps a bit more difficult to manoeuvre than the DeliVita. Across the varying Alfa models, you can find a pizza oven to suit you – from wood-fired to gas or hybrid pizza ovens.

While the chimney of the Alfa pizza oven range may seem like an inconvenience to travel with, it does enhance the at-home cooking experience by reducing the amount of smoke experienced by yourself and your guests. Many of the Alfa pizza ovens also boast the ability to cook multiple pizzas at once, making it the ideal choice for entertaining at home. Despite this, the DeliVita wins on portability and weight, meaning you may get more use out of it than your Alfa pizza oven.

DeliVita pizza oven
DeliVita Wood-fired Pizza Oven | Image: DeliVita


From dough to delicious in around 30 minutes, the DeliVita takes 25 minutes to warm up, but once warm it can cook a pizza in 90 seconds. The main appeal of the DeliVita wood-fired pizza oven is simple and easy to use, as well as being fuel-efficient. 

Cooking times vary amongst the Alfa range of pizza ovens. If you’re looking for convenience, the Alfa 5 Minuti utilises Forninox Technology to quickly heat up to 500°c, reducing the waiting time and giving you perfect pizza in under 5 minutes. Another fantastic feature of the Alfa range of pizza ovens, is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Both DeliVita and Alfa pizza ovens are also able to cook more than just pizza, with each brand boasting different abilities! DeliVita encourages their customers to try burgers and pigs in blankets, while Alfa suggests cooking everything from enchiladas, pasta and pies! No matter which brand you choose, you’re likely to get experimental with your home pizza oven and have the opportunity to explore lots of different foods with your versatile new outdoor oven.

The Added Extras

If longevity is of huge importance for you, then you might look at the guarantees of each pizza oven, as they do differ. All DeliVita pizza ovens come with a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind, while Alfa include a 2-year warranty on all their pizza ovens. Despite Alfa having a shorter warranty, we live and breathe both brands and are confident that no matter which pizza oven you choose, you’ll be buying a luxury pizza oven that lasts. 

When it comes to accessories, DeliVita have introduced an optional small stainless steel table that folds down for travel, ensuring your pizza parties aren’t limited to at home. We know DeliVita are truly the winners when it comes to portability! This further emphasises that DeliVita pizza ovens are ideal for camping, beach trips or visiting friends and family. 

To rival this, Alfa offer a ‘multifunctional base’ available in 3 different lengths and 2 different widths. This base is essentially a large mobile worktop on wheels, perfect for creating a gathering place in your indoor or outdoor kitchen and includes a hole for parasol, space to store firewood and useful tools. This is more versatile than the DeliVita foldable table, as it’s made to fit various ovens and accessories from their range, however is slightly more clunky.

Finally, both brands also offer a wide range of cooking extras. Alfa have created the BBQ 500 which is a rotary grill over hot embers to cook mouth-watering BBQ dishes, rivalled by the DeliVita iron-dish perfect for roasting and grilling in your pizza oven. Either way, you’re going to have the outdoor cooking experience of your dreams.

The Alfa pizza oven range are perfect for parties and gatherings | Image: Alfa
DeliVita pizza ovens are portable, perfect for your next trip | Image" DeliVita

Which Pizza Oven is Right for Me?

If your space is limited and you are looking for an easy to use, portable pizza oven that is stylish, fast and versatile and is the life of the party, then we would recommend the DeliVita Wood-fired Pizza Oven. With various colour options available and the ability to perfectly cook your pizza in under 90 seconds, this will be a huge hit with friends and family. A Delivita Wood-fired Pizza Oven would perfectly compliment a contemporary Grillo outdoor kitchen. 

However, if you are looking for a more permanent feature to your outdoor kitchen to regularly cook a versatile range of dishes at home, then we would recommend a pizza oven from the Alfa range. The variety of models and sizes means we can find the best pizza oven for your space and requirements, creating a custom feel which perfectly compliments the bespoke options available with a Fire Magic outdoor kitchen. 

It’s always best to visit our showroom to take a look at the pizza ovens yourself and to discuss your specific requirements to find the right oven for you. We would love to book in a bespoke consultation to help you decide between our fantastic range of pizza ovens.

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