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7 Ways to Personalise Your Renson Pergola

A Renson pergola is one of our favourite ways to upgrade your outdoor living space. These luxurious aluminium pergolas are both stylish and functional, allowing you to take advantage of your outdoor space come rain or shine. Plus, with a huge range of accessories and personalisation options, you can create a pergola perfectly suited to your home and your family. Read on to find out 7 ways to personalise your pergola.

Renson pergola model

One simple way to tailor your pergola to your home is to select the model that suits you best. Walker Landscape and Design are proud to offer our customers three superb options:

Renson Carmague: This versatile design allows for all accessories to be perfectly integrated, with a louvered roof and Renson’s best pergola if you are looking for a wide range of side elements.

Renson Carmague Skye: Just liked the Carmague, this pergola benefits from a wide selection of side elements and integrated accessories. The wow factor for this pergola is that the louvered roof is fully retractable.

Renson Algarve: This contemporary pergola is Renson’s most slender structure, for a minimalist finish while still boasting a louvered roof and plenty of added accessories.

With such a great selection of features, it can be hard to pick which model is right for you. We’ll be able to discuss in depth what you are looking to achieve with your pergola, to help you decide on which model will work best for you.


Renson have a fantastic range of over 100 colours to choose from, allowing you to personalise your pergola to perfectly suit the style of your home. The options are extensive and aren’t limited to colour as Renson also offer three types of finishes (textured coating, gloss or matt).

Plus, you even have the choice to add their WoodDesign finish to some pergola elements, available in three finishes these colours recreate the natural appearance of wood on their durable aluminium materials.

Why pick just one colour? With the bicolour option, you can select the frame in one colour and the louvres in another to create a completely customised pergola. If you are overwhelmed by the colour selection, head over to Renson’s blog page to read how to pick perfect colour.

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Renson Carmargue pergola set up as a garden room | Image: Renson

Custom size and installation method

Renson pergolas are made to measure! Providing you don’t exceed the maximum dimensions, you can create a pergola to suit the size of your space. Plus there are multiple installation methods which we can discuss with you during your consultation, such as freestanding or wall mounted to the side of your property!

Side elements

Renson have a wonderful range of side elements available, which do vary slightly between the model of pergola you opt for. Some of the options available include:

Fixscreen: integrated screens with intelligent zip system that ensures fabric stays taut while providing protection from the wind in any direction and insect proof when closed. The personalisation options never end, you can choose from approximately 50 colours and different weave patterns, perfect if you want to customise your level of transparency.

Outdoor loggia sliding panels: these sliding panels (can also be fixed in place if you prefer) are available with blades or canvas fabric, offering endless possibilities on finishes and privacy level.

Glass walls: adding glass walls to your pergola will unlock so many benefits to your outdoor space. The sliding glass walls can be locked to increase security, as well as ensuring your pergola can be used throughout the winter without the risk of heat escaping. Plus, you’ll have be protected from wind, rain and insects with these sliding glass wall panels, without obstructing the view. Glass walls can be combined with Fixscreen or outdoor curtains for additional privacy.

Linearte walls: you can add these stylish fixed walls with vertical design to one or multiple sides of your pergola for added privacy. Perhaps you have one side of your pergola with a less than flattering view – the linearte wall is the ideal solution! You can also add these integrated walls at a lower height to create a railing.

Linius walls: the same as above except these integrated walls have a modern horizontal design. Did we mention, you can use these elegant walls to easily add extra insulation to improve the acoustics for your garden room?

Outdoor curtains: choose from 10 different colours with these elegant curtains that are water, mould and dirt resistant. These curtains can be used with glass walls or Fixscreens.

The versatile range of side elements available from Renson are a great way to personalise your pergola to suit your homes design and your families needs. Most of these elements can be added at a later date too, meaning once you have lived with your pergola you can make adjustments to perfect how you use this wonderful outdoor entertaining space.

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Renson Carmargue pergola with Lineo LED within the louvres | Image: Renson


In order to make the most of your pergola (especially in the UK) you’ll want to consider adding heating, so that you can use this space no matter the weather.

Luckily, Renson have already considered this so you won’t be forced into buying an unattractive space heater, instead why not add the Renson heat beam. This discreet heater is fixed to your pergola and can provide adjustable heating in an aesthetically pleasing manor.

Whether you are looking to heat a fully enclosed pergola as a garden room, or want to take the chill of the evening air, these heaters are the perfect solution and so seamless with the design of the pergolas.


The customisation options just keep coming with Renson, and of course there isn’t just one way to light your pergola. All of Renson’s lighting options are integrated for a sleek and modern finish, as well as providing practical solutions to your lighting needs:

Colomno LED: this lighting has been designed for the Carmargue and Carmargue Skye, and is a dimmable LED lighting system that is integrated into the columns of your pergola. You can also select between warm white or pure white colours for your LED lights.

Lineo LED: these sophisticated LED lights are integrated into the louvres of your pergola, ensuring the perfect amount of overhead light. Also available in warm white or pure white, these LED lights stretch the entire length of the louvre and can be dimmed to ensure you can customise the level of light to suit the setting. The Lineo LED is available in the Carmague, Carmague Skye and Algarve models.

UpDown LED: this simple lighting solution can be installed in the Carmague, Carmague Skye and Algarve pergola. You can create a cosy atmosphere with this LED lights that have been installed inside your pergola frame. You can opt for upward indirect lighting to add ambience, downward direct lighting for more practical uses, or a mix of the two options!

Whatever lighting you opt for, all options will allow you to comfortably enjoy your outdoor entertaining space late into the evening.


No outdoor entertaining space would be complete without speakers! Renson have created the Sound Beam, which are waterproof marine speakers fitted to your pergola to provide background music. These sophisticated speakers can be controlled via bluetooth or as part of a multi-room system.

With all your home comforts outside, there is no reason to move the party elsewhere. Your fully customised pergola has been built to suit your needs perfectly!

Renson Algarve Pergola
Renson Algarve Pergola with Lineo LED | Image: Renson

Renson pergolas by Walker Landscape and Design

We love the integration options with Renson pergolas and are so pleased to partner with them in order to offer these modern and luxurious pergolas to our clients. With Renson you can even install sensors that will create a fully automated pergola adjusting to the weather!

To discuss all things Renson get in touch with our team today to see which setup is best suited for your home and requirements!

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