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5 Tips for Hosting the Best BBQ this August

There’s no better way to celebrate a UK heatwave than to host a BBQ. With temperatures soaring over August, it is time to dust off your BBQ and put your outdoor kitchen to use – if you haven’t already.

To really impress your friends and family this summer, we have compiled our top tips for hosting the best BBQ that’ll truly have the wow-factor. 

The Grill

First and foremost, you need a top of the range grill to produce the best results. We are obsessed with Fire Magic ranges and their state of the art features that are guaranteed to elevate your alfresco dining experience.

Leverage the different temperature zones to cook different foods at different speeds, getting the best flavour and texture from each individual item. Add a smoke basket or hot plate to add some variety to your cooking experience – and to the table. You could even let your guests peek through the Magic View Window at your cooking food – you’re guaranteed they’ll be excited!

If you need to clean the grill, we recommend popping it on a high heat to burn off any stubborn remnants of food. Turn the BBQ off but while the grill is still warm, using a wire scrubbing brush should do the trick. To really get a sparkling clean bbq grill, you can also try wiping half a lemon along the bars for a chemical-free brilliant clean. 

And finally, you need to stock up on the supplies you need. If you have opted for a charcoal BBQ then ensure you have charcoal and firestarters, and for a gas BBQ make sure to do a quick stock check on your gas canister.

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Image: Fire Magic Outdoor Kitchen | Source: Fire Magic


The food you serve will make or break your BBQ. At Walker Landscape & Design we recommend you shop local and support your nearest butcher to get superior quality cuts of meat. We love a big Tomahawk steak – big enough to serve 2 or 3 people and thick enough you can really sear the outside without worrying about overcooking the middle. 

When working with quality cuts of beef, you don’t need much more than salt, pepper and a hint of garlic to enhance the flavour. However, if you want to marinade other BBQ staples such as pork chops or chicken kebabs, make sure you allow plenty of time. The longer in the marinade the better, ideally you want to massage the marinade into the meat the night before. 

Lastly, but certainly not least – don’t ‘cheat’ on the accompaniments. Yes, grabbing a potato salad and coleslaw from the shop is definitely easier, but even Marks and Sparks can’t match a homemade slaw. When marinating the meat the night before, take the opportunity to pre-prepare your potato salad, slaw, couscous and pasta salad. The little extra effort will have a big pay off.  

medium rare cooked steak being sliced by a knife
Image: BBQ Steak


Again, preparation is key here as no one wants a warm beer. Allow enough time to properly cool all your beer, wine and soft drinks. For ultimate convenience, the Grillo Outdoor Kitchen range enables you to add an integrated Grillo fridge or ice well in your outdoor kitchen design – could it be any easier? 

To please your guests, keep a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at hand. Some will be driving and keen for that luxurious mocktail, while others will want to match your premium dining experience with a premium prosecco. For others, there’s nothing better than an ice-cold beer on a hot day. If you have little ones joining the BBQ, make sure you’re stocked up on juice & fizz! 

Keep a bottle opener, glassware and ice nearby and remember to leave space in the fridge for any drinks that your guests may bring themselves.


Image: Grillo Ice Well | Source: Grillo

Shade & Comfort

Let’s face it – there is nothing more unpredictable than our weather – and just looking at the upcoming thunder forecasts, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for a sudden change in weather. 

A pergola is therefore an essential component to your outdoor living space. Not only are they stunning addition that zones your outdoor space, but they also provide protection from rain or shade from the sunshine – so you can enjoy BBQ season that little bit longer.

For the ultimate outdoor living space oozing sophistication, Renson Pergolas are a cut above the rest. With endless personalisation options and easy maintenance these luxury aluminium pergolas are made to last you through all the seasons. 

Shop Renson Pergolas for Outdoor Living
Image: Renson Pergola Outdoor Living Space | Source: Renson

Level Up

At Walker Landscape & Design, we like to go above and beyond to create that ultimate experience – and if you’re the same, you’ll want to level up your BBQ with some fun additions.

A firepit creates a perfect focal point and ensures your guests don’t dissipate after the food is done. Not only will a firepit extend your BBQ window of opportunity, but it’ll keep your guests warm through to extended evenings and the smoke will keep the bugs at bay. Finally, you’ll have the option to roast some marshmallows – a perfect evening activity for kids. 

You may think your Masterchef skills and humorous stories are enough to entertain your guests, but perhaps consider some additional entertainment. From lawn games to an outdoor TV, the possibilities are endless and promise to make your BBQ memorable.

Image: Lawn Games

Want to Upgrade Your BBQ Set Up?

Need help creating the ultimate outdoor living space? Contact us to discuss everything from pizza ovens to fire pits. 

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