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3 Reasons to Invest in your Garden Kitchen this Autumn

When you think of Autumn, images of pumpkins, frosty mornings and golden leaves probably pop into your mind. You’re probably not thinking about outdoor kitchens, right? But, Autumn is the perfect time to invest in an outdoor kitchen, and here are three reasons why:

Outdoor occasions

Summer may be prime time for a Pimms in the garden but there are so many outdoor events and festivities through the Autumn and Winter months. Whether you’re hosting a bonfire night gathering, spooky halloween party or magical Christmas celebration, there are so many reasons to continue to enjoy your garden in the cooler months.

Adding a Solus Firepit ensures your outdoor space is the envy of all your neighbours, as you enjoy a toasted marshmallow on bonfire night or a relaxing sundowner amongst the autumn leaves.

To really elevate your outdoor space and guarantee year-round use, we love the idea of a Renson Pergola. A Renson Pergola is not simply for style (although the modern finishes are to die for) they are incredibly functional. By adding a heater and/or sides to your pergola, you can continue to enjoy your outdoor kitchen through even the coldest winters.

Explore Renson Pergolas at Walker Landscape and Design
Image: Renson Pergola

Preparing for further landscaping

If you’re planning to landscape or decorate your outdoor space, why not utilise the colder months to install your outdoor kitchen? This will ensure your outdoor kitchen is finished in plenty of time to make the most of the spring months.

By installing your outdoor kitchen through the autumn and winter, your new outdoor space will be ready to enjoy the minute the sun comes out – guaranteeing you the most use of your outdoor kitchen possible.

If you have your eye on a Fire Magic kitchen, these can take days, sometimes weeks, to install. Not to mention the garden and landscaping work that you might also desire to tie in with your project – this could extend the overall outdoor kitchen project to a couple of months. Don’t waste valuable summer days having your kitchen installed, make the most of the colder months so all you have to do is marinate your dishes and warm up the grill when the first sign of sunshine appears.

grillo vantage
Image: Grillo Anvil | Source: Grillo

Better availability

The summer months not only peak season for garden kitchen installations at Walker Landscapes and Design, but it is also the busiest time of year for our suppliers. Therefore, by installing your garden kitchen in autumn you will benefit from off-peak availability, but still have plenty of autumn left to take advantage of sunny weekends before we enter the depths of winter. 

A Grillo Outdoor Kitchen can be installed in as little as one day! If you act fast you can enjoy the milder autumn weekends before transforming your outdoor space into a winter wonderland, ready for hot chocolates around the firepit.

If we have inspired you to utilise autumn to install your garden kitchen then get in touch for a bespoke consultation. Plus, you can visit the showroom to see both outdoor kitchens in action.

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